Lent 2017

This year for Lent, our family will be getting rid of clutter. Clutter has taken over our lives. After each hockey season, we “spring clean” but we never really get rid of the clutter. Our bathrooms get scrubbed more than usual and our windows get washed. The floors are scrubbed and the dining areas are deep cleaned. In the process of our typical spring cleaning, we move piles. I’m sick of moving piles. We also never fully unpacked from our move a couple of years ago. The thought of decluttering is overwhelming especially since our 6 year old is still a tornado!

We have a house in Denver, CO that our kids love going to even though the size of the house is smaller than our main home. The Denver house is always clean and clutter free. The kids share a “bunk room” in Denver and they love it because they all have their own clean space in their bunks. All of their toys are kept in bins and get packed up after each visit. I want our kids to discover that our main home can be just as enjoyable when clutter free. Tomorrow begins the “Forty Day Hopkins Challenge to Declutter.”

For our challenge, we have created a decluttering spreadsheet for the 40 days of Lent. For each area we declutter, we check it off of the spreadsheet but it doesn’t have to be done in order. I’m sure the “worst jobs” will be kept until last minute but that’s okay. Some of the items the children have to help with and others they can have a night off (cleaning out the stove and the master closet are two examples).

We will also try to be more planful. I know surprises pop up from time to time but everyday seems like a new surprise at our house. I hope to only go to the grocery store one time per week rather than the almost daily trips because we forgot something…AGAIN!

Life is more enjoyable when there is a place for everything and everything in it’s place! It’s also more enjoyable when everyone knows what to expect for the hour, day, week, month, 40 days!
Here we go….


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