Day 1 Lent 2017

Today was filled with church services, volunteering at school, hockey, cooking, baking, and a trip to the library. I only completed a small task that took about 20 minutes. I cleaned out the space under the kitchen sink. I ended up with a paper bag full of items to sell or donate. That small task helped pump me up for day 2!

Day 1 also presented our family with a challenge. Our children are addicted to technology. Our children have begun acting out and demanding technology lately. We are a very busy family so it’s rare our children play with technology, or watch tv, at home. Typically the technology is used at a siblings activity, in the car, or briefly in the morning if a child has all of their tasks complete before school. We never put restrictions on technology as our children, until recently, never abused the privilege of using technology. Now our children have to earn technology to use outside of the house, unless it’s  requirement for school. Day 1 went well and the kids helped with more tasks around the house today. We will see what tomorrow holds…



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