Day 4 – The Laundry Room Cubboards

We had a full day! As you may be able to tell by the picture we ventured out with everything we needed for the day on our backs or packed in the car. We started with Pirate rehearsal, #4 decided that pirates should wear a pirate cape, Spiderman gloves, and sunglasses. Luckily, for the actual show, he will have a real pirate costume…chosen by professionals. Ha!

The day filled up with 2 “bring a friend” basketballs games where it was our family’s turn to provide treats and work the scoreboard (Grandma and I were the “friends”selected by the boys to run through the tunnel at Upward basketball…wonderful program by the way), a hockey scrimmage that all four kids participated in, a pizza party (we had our “safe” food packed for the party) , dinner at grandma’s, grocery shopping, and baseball practice.

We pulled into our driveway at 8:30 p.m., kids were in bed by 9:09 (yes, that extra minute was a HUGE deal tonight), and I attacked the cupboards in my laundry room. We had a flooded laundry room not too long ago and we cleaned everything from top to bottom. The cupboards were already pretty organized but they needed a good dusting and I found a few rummage items. Since I was in the laundry room I threw in a quick load of pants so the kids are ready (aka clean) for church in the morning.

Tomorrow is a new, and fully packed, day!



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