Sick Kid = Children’s Museum Activities at Home

In our family it is rare to have an evening off. It’s even more rare that we have an entire day free! We planned to go to Betty Brinn Children’s Museum on our day off but my oldest son has had a fever since Tuesday afternoon so we brought the children’s museum to our house.

Last night my mother and I made a late night run to Meijer to purchase all of the supplies we needed for a museum day. The kids each provided a request of activities they wanted to try and we did our best to accommodate their requests.

We began our day by sleeping in and being lazy until 9:00 a.m. We cleaned, and set up, a few areas of the house to prepare for our activities and prepare for Grandma to arrive. 

First activity:  Our youngest learned to sew a Superman pillowcase using Grandma’s sewing machine.

Second activity: SLIME! My kids have made slime at friends houses but never at ours. This activity kept our kids busy for hours in between setting up the other activities. It was surprisingly not very messy.


Third activity: Planting seeds to transfer to Grandpa’s land. In the winter we use our shelves for our pond hockey gear, in the spring it turns into our mini greenhouse. 

Forth activity: Mentos and Coke. Each of the kids came up with a different method of executing the experiment and created a hypothesis. They discussed the four different methods and figured out which method was the coolest and which displaced the most liquid.

Fifth activity: Blanket making – Grandma had purchased this fabric years ago. Our oldest was still in gymnastics before her “career ending injury” at age 6, she’s now 12!

Sixth activity: Baking/Cooking – Our youngest helped bake corn bread muffins. He was surprised to see “the bumps on witches faces are in the bowl.” Even with the bumps, the muffins turned out great and maid an excellent side dish to chili.

Last activity: Making “Leprechaun Traps”


We ended up having an (almost) technology free day (we needed to google a few things for our activities). The kids also played Barbies together, although it looked like the Barbies had too much fun after a night of partying! They TRASHED the Barbie house and Ken ended up being part of a Taylor Swift video. Ha!

Our museum day at home was a success. We will eventually get to Betty Brinn’s museum, but for now, we have been blessed with all of us under one roof smiling, laughing, and learning.


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