Day 5 – Boys Closet

Another day, another multi-layered outfit to meet the needs of each of the days activities. Our youngest is always creating such “amazing” outfits. Today was the “hockey in the morning, then church, then a sibling hockey game, then end of basketball season celebration, and swim party” look. As a mom I think “he’s adorable but that’s a lot of laundry for one day.”

Speaking of clothes, today was the cleaning of my boys’ closet. After removing the candy wrappers and sucker sticks which were hidden behind a hat (Yuck!), I removed a large shopping bag of small clothes. I now have enough empty hangers to hang all of the laundry I plan to wash this week.

This upcoming week is the last week of our regular hockey season. Four kids in travel hockey keeps us busy in the winter! We also ended basketball this week. We will have two “slow” weeks before our spring sports get into full swing. I’m hoping to get a lot of organizing done before our calendar fills up again.



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