Brussels Sprouts



Tonight, our family tried something none of us had done before.

We ate Brussels sprouts.

Our family attended a Powder Puff football game yesterday. At the game the sports commentator was a wise cracking senior in high school. He kept saying “Brussels sprouts and asparagus are $5 at the concession stand…” Our boys didn’t realize the commentator was joking and the boys were genuinely upset that we weren’t going to the concession stand to get some food.

As a child nobody ever wanted to eat Brussels spouts. Nobody in the movies, not in the Sunday morning cartoons, and my friends definitely wouldn’t have eaten them. We thought they were poisonous to children. Yuck!

Today I purchased Brussels sprouts for the first time ever. I googled how to cook them and hoped I wouldn’t poison my family. We each took a bite. Five out of 6 of us survived. The sixth technically didn’t try any. The five of us thought the sprouts tasted very similar to cooked broccoli but didn’t smell so great.

We always love to try new recipes but this food adventure was a little scary. I’m not sure these will become a staple in our diet, but at least we know they are not poisonous!


Recipe for our Brussels Sprouts:

Cut the stems off of the spouts; then cut each sprout lengthwise. Place olive oil in a heavy pan over med-high heat. Once the oil is hot, but not smoking, carefully add the sprouts (be prepared for the oil to splatter). After one side starts to brown, flip the sprouts over. When both sides are brown, remove the Brussels sprouts from the pan and onto a plate. Add salt and pepper.




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