It’s like Christmas…in August

After much anticipation, teacher assignments arrived! The kids were super excited to learn the teachers they would have this year. I was stalking the local FaceBook pages to see which friends are in our kids’ classroom. When I mentioned the name of a good friend who will be in the same class as one of our children I would hear a “woohoo” or a “yes!” It was like winning the lottery for our kids.

With the excitement of the kids came a little sadness for me. When those letters arrive I always know summer is coming to an end, and quickly. I’m never ready to hand over my kids when school comes around. I love having them home and taking adventures with them. I enjoy teaching them things they would never learn in a classroom. It’s nice not to have too many external influences determining when and where the day will take us!

Summer also brings the neighbor kids. I love hearing the laughter, the chit chat, the scheming, the challenges, and excitement in their voices. It’s fun watching the kids on the swing set and playing in the yard.

It’s such a treat to wake up to kids’ giggles rather than the alarm. It’s so cool to have an open day to hit the road and find something amazing to see or do. It’s nice to visit relatives and not have a timeline.

For me, I am already looking forward to next summer. I will start making our summer 2017 bucket list in September!


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