May the 4th be with you

In our family, May the 4th is an exciting day. The kids look forward to wearing their Star Wars clothes or somehow incorporating Star Wars into their day. For our oldest, she doesn’t like to stand out at school but when she comes home she is all about baking, cooking, and concocting. Tonight, she plans to create a Star Wars themed treat from the Star Wars Cookbook, it’s a toss up between the Darth Vader Dark Chocolate Sundae, the Yoda Soda, or the Jabba Jiggle.

Our third grade daughter is currently all about nubs (aka. small buns) in her hair. Today we did side nubs for Princess Leia. Our two boys in 1st grade and 5K sported their finest Star Wars attire.

Happy May 4th and May the 4th be with You!


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